Inspections and Assements

Our Board Certified Master Arborist, Chris Gerards, carries the credentials and experience to identify trees that meet the standards of a fine specimen tree and trees that may be considered a liability. We can also help you identify exiting trees that are not reaching their full potential and provide you with a plan that will cultivate optimum growth patterns for the most gratifying mature tree.

selections and planting

If you need one tree or a dozen, now is the time to make your mark by making sure the selection is one that will stand the test of time. Legacy Trees will help you select trees that are healthy, charismatic and will most likely thrive at your particular planting site. We can find the very best young specimens available for that site, plant the trees and provide a long-term plan for the tree's growth and health.  


Do you have a tree that once held a lot of promise but now looks, well, not so great...?Legacy Trees can help determine what is going on and in most cases help the tree on the path of good health and longevity. 

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