Our team is led by Board Certified Master Arborist Chris Gerards. Chris began tree work in his teens in Westchester County, New York. Many years dedicated to learning safe climbing practices, proper chemical treatment protocols, and sensitive and selective pruning prepared Chris for beginning his own tree care company in the Hilton Head/Bluffton area. After a decade of operation, the company merged with Bartlett Tree where Chris stayed on to oversee the merge.


Wanting to increase his breadth of experience, Chris moved to Savannah, Georgia; a city world renowned for its urban plan and verdant tree canopy. He was hired by Park and Tree as the City's downtown tree-care supervisor where Chris developed his own aesthetic for mature tree pruning that harmonized with the monuments and architecture of the historic surroundings but kept trees looking natural, almost untouched. Leaving the City after 5 years to again go out on his own, Chris is one of the most qualified arborists in the area.